How To Find And Rate A Podcast


You do not need an Apple ID to listen to a podcast. However, you do need to download iTunes. Just go to Then click on download, of course. There is no charge and you do not need to give them a credit card number unless you want to make purchases in the iTunes store. Podcasts are free.

After iTunes has been downloaded, click on Store to get to the iTunes Store. You will see several icons in the upper left corner of the iTunes Store. If you see a radio microphone icon, click on it and you will go to the podcast page. If you don’t see the microphone icon, you will see three dots so click on the dots and you will get a drop down box with “podcasts” being one of the choices. Click on it, of course.  You will see a lot of podcasts under “New and Noteworthy.” We hope to have “Interviewing Zen Masters” in that location but the only podcasts listed there are the podcasts with the most downloads and the most 5 star ratings. Also, after having been around for more than eight weeks, every podcast is no longer deemed “new” so it will drop out of the “New and Noteworthy” section.

The best way to find a podcast not listed under “New and Noteworthy” is to type in the name of the podcast in the search box. That should take you to a list of podcasts under that name. For example, when “Interviewing Zen Masters” is launched, we will release three interviews at that time so at least those three will appear when you put Interviewing Zen Masters into the search box.

Unfortunately, it has been my experience that when I click on a podcast, the podcast begins while still on the page with the list of podcasts and there is no way to rate the podcast. I have discovered that if I click on the podcast again, while it is in progress, if I click on the right thing it will finally give me a page connected to the podcast that is playing. Then there is a button for rating the podcast and a box below that for writing a review.

Here is yet another problem. I have listened to podcasts from Buddhism on Air (from New Zealand). I give them 5 star ratings because they deserve it and on multiple occasions I have tried to write a review. I write a review, click Submit, and the page goes blank. When I return to the page, my review is never there and I usually get a note saying “iTunes has stopped working.”

So I don’t know. If you are kind enough to review a podcast produced by Interviewing Zen Masters, I don’t know if iTunes will actually publish the review or not. I don’t even know if clicking on 5 stars works. The iTunes podcast system seems quite clunky to me.

You can also go to the App Store on your phone and download a podcast app. I have been unable to find a way to rate a podcast from my mobile phone. I think you have to have an Apple ID and password to download the app because it comes from the iTunes store.

If you, like  me, are new to the world of podcasts, please listen to Buddhism on Air podcasts while you (breathlessly) await the launching of Interviewing Zen Masters. By visiting that podcast and rating the podcasts you listen to, you will learn how to find and rate podcasts and you’ll be ready for the launch of Interviewing Zen Masters.

The Interviewing Zen Masters podcast launch is still in the future. In the meantime, we ask that you give the Buddhism on Air podcasts the rating of your choice. The podcasts stand on their own merits so we don’t mean to imply that they should be visited just for the practice of getting used to finding podcasts and rating them!

And once we launch, of course we hope you will continue to listen to Buddhism on Air and other Buddhist podcasts, just like we do.